Geniventure Quick-Start Guide

  1. Register for a teacher account at
    Watch a short video about this step.
    • Click Register in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    • Select I am a teacher, enter your name and a password, then click Next.
      Note: If you have a Google or Schoology account, you can click the corresponding icons at the top of the form to register with either of those accounts.
    • Complete the form by entering a unique username, your email address, and information about your location and school. Click Register! to complete your registration.
      Note: If your school isn't listed, or you are a homeschool, click I can't find my school in the list to enter your school.
  2. After logging in, create a class by clicking Add Class under Classes in the left-hand navbar
    Watch a short video about this step.
    • Once you complete your registration and click the link in the confirmation email, you will be directed to the STEM Resource Finder homepage.
    • Click on the My Classes button in the upper right-hand corner to go to your teacher homepage.
    • On the left side you will see a menu. Click Classes, then click Add Class.
    • Complete the class setup form and provide a Class Word. The class word is a unique access code that you create. It adds students to your class when they register. To create a unique class word, you can use your name and the class name or any other unique identifier. For example, smithbio1. Do not include any special characters (e.g., *&@%!) in the class word. Class words can be more than one word. They are not case sensitive.
    • Click the Save button.
  3. Go back to, scroll down to Modules and click on Geniventure, then click Assign to Class.
    Watch a short video about this step.

    After creating a class, you can assign materials to your students.

    Hint: Make sure you are logged in to your teacher account or you will not see the assignable materials.

    • Scroll down to the Modules section and click on Geniventure. A detail view will appear.
    • Click the Assign to a Class button. Then select the class(es) you would like to assign Geniventure to and click Save.
    • Note that pre- and post-assessment is also available in the Modules section.
  4. Send your students to to create accounts using your class word. Or, you can create accounts for them.

    Your students can register themselves or you can manually register them. We have found that upper middle and high school students can easily register themselves. If you teach younger students, it may be faster for you to register them.

    Student Self-Registration

    Watch a short video about this step.
    • Give the students the Class Word you created in Step 2.
    • Students click the Register button on the STEM Resource Finder homepage ( then click the I am a Student button.
    • Students complete the registration form, entering the unique Class Word for your class, and then click Register!
    • Have your students write down their username and password. If they forget either, you can use the class roster to see their username and reset their password.
    • If students have a Google or Schoology account for schoolwork, they can bypass most of the registration process by clicking the Sign up with Google or Sign up with Schoology buttons near the top of the registration form. Students will still need to enter in your unique class word. Students who register using either service will then log in using the Sign in with Google or Sign in with Schoology options on the log in form.

    Teacher Registration of Students

    Watch a short video about this step.
    • Select a class under Classes in the left menu, then click the Student Roster link below it.
    • Click the Register & Add New Student link, then enter the student name and password for the student. Click Submit to save the student to your roster.
    • As students are registered for your classes, a student roster will appear with their usernames and an option for removing students or changing their passwords.

You're done! Have your students log in at Logged-in students will see Geniventure listed under your class name, and can click to get started.

To follow student progress, use the streamlined teacher dashboard

Need help? Send an email to